Public Education

  • As a mom of two kids in Missoula County Public Schools, and as an alumnus of the UM Journalism School, I am invested in our schools.
  • I will fight to get every bit of funding possible for our public schools so Missoulians don’t have to keep passing bonds and levies to make ends meet.
  • I would like to see innovations in education. In this modern era where information is available at the touch of a button, we need to teach our children to be critical thinkers. While the Montana Legislature can not dictate curriculum for our public schools, I would like to work with progressive education experts to bring new ideas to make Montana schools the best they can be.
  • I will fight for early education funding for preschool-aged kids. Every 4-year-old in Montana has the right to a quality pre-school experience to get her/him ready for Kindergarten.
  • I will support the improvement of the University of Montana so that we are attracting the best and brightest students and faculty from across this state and around the world.
  • I am opposed to private school vouchers and tax credits that take money away from our public school system.